Thursday Haiku

Today is Thursday

One more day ’til the weekend

Boy, I like Fridays

Alright folks, this is yet another example of a poorly constructed haiku poem and all around bad blog entry. Haiku should be witty, clever and thought-provoking. Mine is, well…..none of the above . Perhaps I should blame it on a gray and drizzly autumn afternoon or maybe I should petition the reader to submit his or her own haiku? Sound good? One quick rule : it has to contain something pertaining to autumn. Oh, and one more thing: it has to be better than mine. Or not. Whatever. It doesn’t really matter does it? Frankly, just write something.

Ok? On your mark. Get set. Haiku!


10 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku

  1. Allan Kenitz says:

    My haiku skills are so weak

    Still, I thought I’d try

  2. Allan Kenitz says:

    Let me try again
    I forgot the proper way
    and left out a line

  3. Allan Kenitz says:

    I made a mistake
    Autumn I did not mention
    I should really stop

  4. Allan Kenitz says:

    You thought I was done
    I feel compelled to go on
    Autumn is in this

  5. A friend says:

    My Haiku for You:

    I thought you said you
    were gray and grizzly today
    A.A.R.P., Jeff?

  6. A friend says:

    Cori younger and pretty
    I think it should rhyme
    autumn girl in the city

  7. Sarah Bergren says:

    I can’t stand haikus
    Though fall is my favorite
    I will not do one

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